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’80s 4EVR CD Compilations

Four designs for compilation CDs of music from the ’80s. Why were the 1980s special to creatives? For one thing, it was the decade when technology transitioned from analog to digital and began the modern era.

Final CD series totaled three – playlists provided (PDF)

This was a personal project. CDs were not mass produced and no sales were made.








Illustration: Gary Panter


KEF CD Packaging Design




Being graphic designer and music lover naturally means I have ideas for “album art.” In 2001 a friend suggested we do a compilation series called KEF – just for fun, exchanged only between friends, no sales involved. The series continued until this year when it was time to move on – twelve years and 130 compilations later. The experience was a pleasure and a great creative exercise.

Above are the last 10 covers in the series ending with #130.

Apparently, though, this project isn’t finished. My latest designs are in the image on the left – new Econo KEF packaging – making production as simple and easy as possible. Hey, a pure digital transfer would be easier still, wouldn’t it?

My friends like my graphics as well as my taste in music; they won’t let me quit. That’s OK, it’s all for fun. – CHRIS



Kellar Bass Systems

Xeno brought Brad Kellar’s brainchild to market in 3 months.  Logo, brand identity, product graphics, packaging, instruction manuals, advertising, collateral, trade show booth design/graphics, plus public relations campaign.

The Jam Bass was a flexible membrane switch that adhered to the back of a guitar neck enabling the player to accompany themselves on bass or any one of 128 midi voices.

If I had to mention one thing that set Xeno Design apart and above the crowd, I think it would be immersion. You got totally immersed in the project. This is the key for real success for any project team. You were always available — responsive and supportive as the project developed and proactive with so many creative ideas and contributions. You personally stretched and grew as you did things you have never done before, and enjoyed doing them. You really showed extraordinary commitment.

– Brad Kellar, Kellar Bass Systems