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Chris Garland Photography

This photographic series: Dream Cloud Images is a personal body of work that’s been inspired by moving to Palm Desert, California in 2007. Much preceded the move –
30 Years of Design – and I’ve always taken photos, but not with this level of energy resulting in 40K photos in 6 years. I offer them as editorial and fine art images available for purchase and/or reproduction.

The photos on this page are a sampling, many more are available. Ask me any questions, thx – CHRIS   (760) 238-8618 | email

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Chris Garland’s photographs have been described as “peaceful and serene,” “beautiful… heart opening… enlightening…”

“At times, it seems I’m able to photograph what I feel beyond what I see – I say this because I don’t witness many of my images when photographing, only the camera sees them. I then take what the camera recorded and edit my photos in a way that expresses what I felt or imagined at the time. I tend to choose images more poetic or dream-like than detailed reality.”


FAB Exhibits Dream Cloud Images

Sandra Lopez-Portillo, owner of Fabric for Interior Design, El Paseo, Palm Desert has invited Chris Garland to display his custom photo prints previously on exhibition at Skyscapes held at the Annenberg Community Beach House Gallery in Santa Monica.

One new work is being displayed as well: Bird of Paradise, 2012 – inkjet poster print – 36″ x 27″.

Featured artworks are limited editions of 10.

“Since 2007, I have been developing a unique portfolio: Dream Cloud Images – a collection of photography created mainly in Palm Desert, California and the surrounding Coachella Valley. The work is a tribute to the natural beauty of this unique environment and creative spirit that’s part of desert living.” – CHRIS

The Dream Cloud Images series has been described as “peaceful and serene,” “beautiful… heart opening… enlightening,” “surreal and relaxing at the same time.” Learn more about DCI here.

Visit Fabric for Interior Design at 73-260 El Paseo, Suite 3-D, Palm Desert, CA 92260     (760) 341-1987



Custom Photo Design

Art designed to enliven residential, commercial and corporate space.


As a designer and a photographer, Chris Garland creates visual art – large, small, framed, unframed… printed on paper, fabric, vinyl and other plastics, ceramics and glass. Digital printing can output to almost any surface.

Our custom photo design services are primarily for architects, interior designers, stylists and decorators. Private parties are always welcome.

In the course of discussing a new project, we will gladly produce a sample installation rendering for you using reference materials provided.

Link to sample site installation: Earth Mothers cafe, Chicago: digital wallpaper and awning graphics


Chris Garland | photographer and digital artist

(760) 238-8618 | email




Digital Wallpaper & Awning Design

Interior design for Earth Mothers cafe, Chicago, River North neighborhood

I created a soft focus design of flowers, leaves and sky to be a brand identifier for the restaurant. The file was enlarged to fill 600 sq. ft. of wallpaper covering the south wall (10′ high x 60′ long). The same photo illustration was applied to the custom designed awning over the front door, to menus, advertising and interior signage.  – CHRIS

Dimensions of this 19th century storefront space are narrow and the unique wall treatment modernized the space dramatically.