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Xeno Design is the husband-wife team Chris and Patti Garland, who opened the studio in 1981 to pursue their own creative vision. A full-service marketing design firm with a long history of success both in Chicago and Los Angeles, Xeno has provided innovative solutions to a wide variety of industries – from advertising agencies to fashion, health and beauty, music and entertainment, publishing and broadcast media, government, manufacturing and professional services.

Their expertise includes corporate and brand ID, website design and internet marketing, print design, packaging, photography/video, interior/exterior graphics and signage. Celebrating it’s 36th anniversary in 2017, the studio continues to be in the forefront of style and technology, constantly evolving and expanding in new creative directions.

The Garlands share a true complementary partnership and collaborative relationship; 36 years in business is a testament to their combined talents.

Chris: “We all have an opportunity every day to inform and educate others; and if you’ve noticed, successful businesses and organizations do it constantly. As marketing designers, our goal is to get you more customers… that’s the bottom line. Education and entertainment is what attracts new business.”


With a flair for freshness, Xeno is an agency masterful at surprises.

Xeno Design has pulled quite a trick. It has carved out a niche marketing ‘avant-garde’ style to the mainstream.

There is always an energy and a freedom of movement that inspires Garland’s creativity.

The style reveals an eclectic professionalism that draws on the culture of the past and the present with uninhibited nonchalance…

Xeno is a marketing design studio with over 35 years experience – initially in Chicago followed by many years in LA, now in Palm Desert, CA since 2007. Xeno Design offers research, planning, creative direction, art direction, design and production services for all forms of business communications.

Owner & Creative Director

Chris is a designer/engineer with over 40 years experience in strategic planning, business management and creative problem solving. After graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Visual Design from the Institute of Design, IIT, Chicago, he worked for Playboy Enterprises before leaving to form Xeno, the city’s premier design studio in the 1980s. Chris has enjoyed a long, successful career in art direction and graphic design, receiving numerous awards for his achievements.

Director of Brand Strategy and Product Design

Patti’s career has been the development and implementation of new business/marketing plans. As vice president, she supervises research, marketing strategy, social media and internet marketing.

“I love business, the structure of business and creating business. I also love being with people and the creative aspect of living daily life.” Patti’s favorite quote unlocks one key to her success: “Beauty is the promise of function.”

Resonating with the positive aspects of life, she appreciates aesthetic beauty, integrity, and balance. She prefers things as natural as possible. Whether it’s food, furniture, clothing, people, or her work, she strives for the cream-of-the-crop at all times. States Chris: “Patti is on a quest for perfection…” Her reply: “Totally, every second of every day.”