Chris Garland Photography

This photographic series: Dream Cloud Images is a personal body of work that’s been inspired by moving to Palm Desert, California in 2007. Much preceded the move –
30 Years of Design – and I’ve always taken photos, but not with this level of energy resulting in almost 50K photos in 7 years. I offer them as editorial and fine art images available for purchase and/or reproduction.

The photos on this page are a sampling, many more are available. Ask me any questions, thx – CHRIS   (760) 238-8618 | email

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C L I C K   I M A G E S   TO   E N L A R G E


Chris Garland’s photographs have been described as “peaceful and serene,” “beautiful… heart opening… enlightening…”

“At times, it seems I’m able to photograph what I feel beyond what I see – I say this because I don’t witness many of my images when photographing, only the camera sees them. I then take what the camera recorded and edit my photos in a way that expresses what I felt or imagined at the time. I tend to choose images more poetic or dream-like than detailed reality.”


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